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    Ngl it looks exactly like the inside of the steak and shake near me the set up is the same the only difference and everything’s black white and red now

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    I have a mels diner where I live :) it doesn’t look like this but it does have a retro vibe and it’s nice to feel like you’re in the 60s

  5. Posted by moodywashere, — Reply

    I went to a restaurant like this at Gulf Shores! It was so pretty and everyone was dressed like they we're at a sock hop! It was so fun.

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    I have been to one of these but it’s been a couple months ☺️ the food is awesome and the inside smells so sweet🌸💗

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    can anyone check out my boards? i’ve got witchy stuff, vegan recipes, outfits, and animals. 🥺👉👈

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    ligit what happened to all those adorable restraunts from the past jeez they were so cute

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