Baby Shower Games That Don't Suck


Here are some unique and hilarious baby shower games that are fun for everyone – including options for co-ed and large groups. Free printables too!


  1. Posted by shofsess, — Reply

    Is there an alternative marker to use other then sharpie? Concerned about ink going onto baby when diaper gets wet.

  2. Posted by xxxxxx57, — Reply

    My daughter discovered the sharpie will dissolve back onto clothing! Use dark clothes when you use these!!

  3. Posted by nwilson16, — Reply

    Would do diaper notes and onesie decoration

  4. Posted by stephaniesixkil, — Reply

    Baby shower ideas

  5. Posted by kyleerylee2012, — Reply

    Marissa’s BabyShower

  6. Posted by connie0698, — Reply

    Amanda - I like this

  7. Posted by bohl0302, — Reply

    I like this

  8. Posted by SallyLOPEZz, — Reply


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