Into My Eyes.


This is a book that will be filled with pictures me and my friends have made or taken. Probably just some random shit though.


  1. Posted by gvkpaintbrush8, — Reply

    Actually don’t do that bc a girl in my creative writing class did it just made the awkward silence worse bc no one understood

  2. Posted by The_LastUnicorn, — Reply

    can this be a thing where someone yells line when they dont know what to say and someone else yells back a topic so the person can keep the conversation going i know it would never work but it would be cool

  3. Posted by brookehatfield06, — Reply

    Ok so like, I would do this except I have social anxiety or something and I would just be too shy to shout out randomly....

  4. Posted by johnescolero1, — Reply

    Hahahahaha when Arthur went into a play and forgets his lube and Merlin tries to help him when he forgets his line#merlin

  5. Posted by dwillette, — Reply

    Give a good meta joke for all the other dimensional beings that are watching your show or reading your book

  6. Posted by el_spaghet, — Reply

    The theatre kids have taken over.

  7. Posted by lhs18snelj, — Reply

    When I forget my line I make time by doing some sort of action to make time to remember it

  8. Posted by frammobarrow, — Reply

    I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life now this is actually brilliant 😂

  9. Posted by yeahimaweirdo, — Reply

    Alright which one of you fukers let Wade on Tumblr again

  10. Posted by RavenclawFromSpace, — Reply

    I literally just watched that outtake a few minutes ago

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