Kendall Jenner Celebrated Her 24th Birthday With Race Car Driving, Birthday Cake, and Kim and Kylie


On Kendall Jenner's actual 24th birthday yesterday, the model did something special with a smaller group of friends and family: She went driving on a race track.


  1. Posted by karenlover, — Reply

    Tyler makes me laugh without even trying. He makes everything so much more fun, who wouldn't hang with this dude lol

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  4. Posted by queensadilla, — Reply

    yo am i seeing things or is Tyler the Creator in the backseat of Kendall’s car? -

  5. Posted by courtva07, — Reply

    Is that tyler the creator

  6. Posted by giannafolkee, — Reply

    most iconic group ever

  7. Posted by breezzio, — Reply

    Can someone please tell me what type of hat tyler's wearing please and thank yoy

  8. Posted by NaseriZ, — Reply

    rich people be like......

  9. Posted by hellokittybae, — Reply

    i wanna go in that car !!

  10. Posted by cosmicwhore246, — Reply


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