Six Healthy Chia Pudding Recipes Everyone Should Know — AndiAnne


Try these six different chia pudding recipes for quick and healthy breakfasts. They’re loaded with nutritional ingredients including the superfood, chia seeds!


  1. Posted by kimnovak1967, — Reply

    I’ve made chia pudding before with mangoes- love it and so easy. The chocolate one seems to be a little rich ( cocoa sometimes has sugar in it ) so I might try it with Milo (it’s a choc flavoured barley drink in Australia- like a light choc flavour) it doesn’t dissolve completely so it’s slightly crunchy too.

  2. Posted by reesegthornton, — Reply

    the chocolate one is way too chocolatey. i suggest using less cocoa powder

  3. Posted by anwalden, — Reply

    Wasn't too bad, almost like tapioca but not as sweet or flavorful.

  4. Posted by ahighaltitude, — Reply

    Didn't find the recipies anywhere just winged it

  5. Posted by strivedotzone, — Reply

    Love these chia seeds recipes! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Posted by paiget5678, — Reply

    All I can think of is fish eggs it a no from me

  7. Posted by marti8645, — Reply

    Can i use honey instead of maple syroup?

  8. Posted by alisapetrovic_, — Reply

    these look good

  9. Posted by savetheratses, — Reply

    could i do just half?

  10. Posted by fernandalociasan, — Reply

    chidos tus recetas

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