This is Who We Are


This is Who We Are - Oh God... Why?


  1. Posted by DuckieThePrettyAlright, — Reply

    Oh god so much r/notlikeothergirls energy in this post...oh god...Everyone here just calm down, you're not quirky for liking anime

  2. Posted by TheMarvelousMarbleMan, — Reply

    Noobs. I am more hard core, thanks to my Mom. I have been watching anime since I was 3. It wasnt the kiddie anime. It was Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Kamisama Kiss, Vampire Knight, and DN Angel. I am a Proud Hard Core Otaku!

  3. Posted by photocosmetics, — Reply

    Yooo it’s called a weaboo otakus are people obsessed with anime and manga but don’t really care about japan or there culture. Weaboos are obsessed with anime manga and the Japanese launguge and culture

  4. Posted by learrais10, — Reply

    Kon'chiwa tomodachis, estou aqui para dizer q tudo isso é vdd, Sayonara! Tatebayo Naruto-kun Tatebayo Naruto-kun Quem entendeu esse meme final entendeu -w-

  5. Posted by tetsutetsu_tetsutetsu1, — Reply

    An otaku is someone who admires and follows japan culter excessively while being a weeb is someone who just really likes anime so if you relate to this your just a weeb.

  6. Posted by kannaefofa, — Reply

    you walk with umbrella on the stairs and we take the umbrella out and go for it on the stairs Another referências Pt br voces andam de guarda chuva na escada e a gente taca o guarda chuva fora e vai de boas na escada

  7. Posted by SomeGoatBoi, — Reply

    Bruh I watch anime since I was 4 because of my mom. I grew up on Pokemon, Jewelpets and Sailor Moon and now I watch the real shit

  8. Posted by isabellesanchez0119, — Reply

    Watching anime doesnt make you quirky, and if you dont understand that then your not a real otaku/weeb.

  9. Posted by mortonava07, — Reply

    This is kinda called being a weeaboo... But I'm kinda sorta an otaku and a weeb so I'll take it lmao!

  10. Posted by koongles, — Reply

    This isn't an otaku, its called being a weaboo lmaoo

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